Hey guys! So lately, I’ve been getting a lot of questions as to what kind of lock is needed for storage units. The answer is, any lock will do. However, there are some locks that are far superior to others — like underwear, anything will work better than nothing, but some look better, some feel better, some have a more prestigious name…. you get the point. Below I have posted my top 3 picks for locks, which are also, conveniently, the locks we sell here at the main office at 788 Chesnee Hwy.

#1. The Disc Lock  

This bad boy right here is my absolute top pick, because unless you are David Copperfield, a pair of bolt cutters are not going to cut through these suckers. It would take some serious skill to crack this lock. The mechanism reminds me of a deadbolt you would see on your front door at home – the key slides the bar back into the lock or slides if forward to lock in place.

#2. The Solid Brass Combo Lock

This lock is an awesome lock, because you can set your own combo. This is not your ordinary school locker padlock. The star feature on this lock is, if you have multiple people using one unit, like contractors for instance, everyone just needs the combo instead of a key. You can also reset the combo if needed. It’s a really great heavy duty lock for keyless entry.

#3. The Brass Padlock

This is a more basic option, but it has a hardened steel shackle (in layman’s terms, the silver loopy thing that pops up to open the lock). It’s a simple keyed lock, but it has a solid brass body with a double locking mechanism for extra security.

Those are my top three picks for locks (no pun intended). If you don’t have a lock but need one, stop by our office located at 788 Chesnee Hwy and see me, Katie to pick a lock of your very own. There I go with those puns again…