We are beyond excited to show the world our next phase. Gaffney is growing and overflowing and we are here to help store some of the overflow. With the holidays now behind us, the clutter remains. Our garages are no longer car garages, but rather …well …where we hide the stuff we don’t want the rest of the world to see. Our closets couldn’t hold what we already had much less all the new stuff we received over Christmas. Those beautiful decorations were so much fun …when it was Christmas, but now it’s time to get them packed away until next year’s holiday jubilation’s. You get the picture I’m painting here. There’s more stuff than space.

Now that I’ve made you cringe just a little, here’s a solution to the problem. Reserve a unit with us today. We will be opening within the next few weeks and would love to save a spot just for you. It’s easy to reserve a unit, all you need to do is email over the application, which you can find here. There’s no reservation fee and you will not be required to pay your first months rent until you sign your lease.

Have a few questions? Need some advice? Call me, Katie at 864-489-1630 or email me at aaagaffney@gmail.com. I’ll be happy to help!